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Have you ever read a review and wondered if it’s real?

In our age of internet marketing where money can buy almost anything, including fake client reviews, it is hard to know who is the real deal when looking for a quality attorney. Many reviews are fakes. Mine are not. Each and every review that is posted about me is written by a real former client, a member of a client’s family, or a person with whom I have worked with in a professional capacity. The reviews that are listed here are only a small sampling of the many wonderful testimonials I have received over my years as a criminal defense attorney.

I take pride in my reviews and am grateful to have clients who appreciate my hard work, dedication, and talent. It is such appreciation that adds fuel to my innate fight to be a great criminal defense attorney for each and every client I help.


Our family has been blessed by your amazing legal talent and strong beautiful spirit.
Dale & Pamela Preston

In addition to her being dedicated, she is very sharp….”

I have worked with a few lawyers over the years and I will say this about Debra, she is without a doubt the most honest, hardworking lawyer I have ever come in contact with….

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…If you are looking for someone that will defend you with everything they have, be 100% dedicated to your case, Debra is the one to go with.

In addition to her being dedicated, she is very sharp. I was facing a bogus DUI charge that it seemed no other lawyer wanted to take on and be willing to go to trial; until I met Debra. Not only did she fight for me, she had the case dismissed in the criminal proceeding as well as with the DMV case. I know many lawyers are out there to take your fees and end the case ASAP, without regard for if they are getting the best deal possible. That is not Debra’s method of operation. Even though it took multiple court appearances, she got the dismissal. One last note, don’t let her personable nature and good looks fool you, when she needs to be she is tough as nails.

Douglas Hines

You helped restore my faith in a system that I had long ago stopped believing in.

The minute I got the call telling me my son was in jail for attempted kidnapping I knew he was innocent. I was horrified to realize that I now had to find a way to get him out of the nightmare we were all cast into….

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…I had no idea where to start, and no idea what was going to happen, but I knew one thing. I was only going to hire someone that believed in what they were doing. Someone who believed that the system wasn’t perfect and that things aren’t always how they appear on the surface. I got what I was looking for in you and more. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find someone so passionate and compassionate about our situation. You were so honest with us from the very beginning, never giving us false hope, and never pretending like it could only go our way, which I appreciated so much because I needed to be realistic and know what we could be facing. You gave us faith in your ability and your understanding of the law, and you never let me down when I needed you to explain things to me in detail, and you were always willing to talk to me until I could comfortably understand.

When the jury was coming back with it’s verdict, and before they even read it, I told you that regardless of the outcome, you served us proud, and I was very happy about my decision to hire you, and I meant every word of it. Happily the jury agreed with us and found my son not guilty, but even if they hadn’t, I never would have doubted that my son got the best defense possible.

You helped restore my faith in a system that I had long ago stopped believing in.

All my best,

Mikki Murty

If you are lucky enough to interview and retain this attorney, she will eat, sleep, and breath your case.

…Debra S. White is an absolutely amazing attorney. I was frivolously accused of several violent crimes and was facing five life sentences in prison. Ms. White was able to quickly navigate through the red tape and prove my innocence….

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She knew exactly what was going to happen and knew how to handle it effectively. Not only was she able to have my case dismissed before the Preliminary Hearing, but she went on the have an Order of Factual Innocence signed by the judge just six months later. This woman is an angel and there is no way on earth that I would trust my life in the hands of another criminal attorney. If you are lucky enough to interview and retain this attorney, she will eat, sleep, and breath your case. Feel free to ask Ms. White for my phone number as she is authorized to release it to potential clients.
Louis Gonzalez, III

When you are in the gutter no one cares what happens to you. But she did and I believe that was the catalyst that gave me the strength to do what I needed to turn my life around.

Much depended on the outcome of my cases I had 2 misdemeanors and one felony. I faced deportation and had been to jail 5 times in 6 months after entering into a program called drug court.

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At this point I had no attorney and there is no room for people in today’s court system without good representation. I had none. My first meeting with Debra left me feeling safe, in as far as I felt she really cared, I knew straight away that I trusted her. I had faith in her drive and what can only be described as dynamic ability to negotiate on my behalf the best terms for my pending conviction.

She was like an angel coming down from above, someone who went the extra mile and then again. Debra turned 3 hopeless charges into dismissals.

Drug court is for last stop offenders, a place people with long criminal histories go in a last ditch attempt not to have to go back to jail again. The program is a year long they say, I know no one who has completed it in less than 18 months. They drug test you every day, anytime you do anything wrong, back to jail you go. Because of this and my busy work schedule, I kept missing this and that and was thus thrown in jail, my wife left me I lost my home and 9 month old daughter too. Debra got me off this program and onto deferred entry. I completed the 6 month course and have just had all my charges dismissed by the courts. I now have a home, two cars and employ 10 people. A far cry from sleeping in my truck or being in jail.

The greatest gift she gave me was hope and friendship. When you are in the gutter no one cares what happens to you. But she did and I believe that was the catalyst that gave me the strength to do what I needed to turn my life around.

Most of us are not criminals at heart, life slowly takes to a point where we can no longer help ourselves. Debra’s skill has given me the chance to realize my mistakes and not have to carry around for the rest of my life heavy conviction for drug offenses, something that would have affected my whole life. Thank you Debra.


After hiring Debra White to represent me I quickly realized that, win or lose, I had found one of the best….

Her knowledge of the law and passion for her clients is extraordinary. It is rare to see anyone these days, whether attorney or any other profession, dedicate themselves to their job the way that Debra White does. I would not hesitate to recommend Debra White to anyone who wants the piece of mind that they have chosen the best attorney possible.


To say Debra embodies professionalism is an understatement.

Debra is the quintessential defense attorney and goes above and beyond to represent her clients to the highest possible standards. She is conscientious, thorough and aggressive in her representation and the presentation of her client’s cases. I would, without hesitation, recommend Debra.

Matthew Breddan

In one meeting, Debra demonstrated more insight and knowledge than I had experienced in 12 months with my prior attorney….

Debra White is a truly exceptional individual and it shows in her passion as a Lawyer. Debra has a true sense of humanity about her that is so often lacking from the Legal Profession; add to that her razor tact and tenacity. It only takes one conversation with her to know you have found a uniquely superior attorney….

Sean P.

Debra is one of the smartest women I’ve ever met. She knows the law inside and out….

From the very first time I spoke with Debra over the phone I knew that I had called the right person. We were in a desperate situation and in dire need of legal representation….

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Right from the start Debra was true to her word, she never candy coated the seriousness of the case and promised to do all she could to help; and that she did. Debra is one of the smartest women I’ve ever met. She knows the law inside and out. She is strong and confident. And she is honest and true to her word. She always kept us up to date with the progress of the case and was always kind and professional. Debra was prompt in returning phone calls and messages and never seemed bothered by the thousands of questions we always had for her. Our family member was facing 16 years in prison but thanks to Debra he was sentenced to only one year in county jail plus probation. Would I recommend Debra? I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. You can rest assured that Debra will get the job done.

Throughout the jury trial, she passionately articulated my side of the story….

Well, what does a client want? That’s the question I asked when I was looking for a lawyer, and using what I learned in law school, I knew what I wanted in a lawyer to best protect me….

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I figured that a client always wants an aggressive lawyer who knows the law and understands the facts so that he/she can express and articulate them to a jury panel in the most convincing way possible. Once I was arrested and charged, I began looking for a lawyer that fit this description. After having researched and met nearly 20 lawyers in person to discuss the facts of my case, I decided immediately to go with Debra White. Her command presence caught my attention, and her ingenious and well-articulated arguments not only made sense to me, but would make sense to the jury.

Throughout the jury trial, she passionately articulated my side of the story. Right then and there, I knew that I had chosen an attorney that I could trust and put all my faith into. I felt like I had to just sit back, and let her do what she does best. What I will never forget about my experience with Debra White is that she understood my situation and repeatedly gave me reassurance. This kind of commitment to me was important because I know that clients need to feel comfortable and confident throughout the jury trial. Often times, a client’s demeanor will determine how a jury reaches the verdict, and Debra White did an excellent job in making sure I was comfortable from start to finish.

My case finished when my case was magically dismissed and I was cleared of all charges. It has been a pleasure having you represent me, as well as giving me a sneak peak on what to expect when I become a lawyer.

You deserve ALL the Credit.


I’m just so glad to have found you, your services, your confident approach, you were just terrific!

You were professional, courteous and just what we needed, especially my son.

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I think it was great the way you looked him in the eye and explained what the penalty could be for a conviction in this area, and though I’m convinced he made one of those once in a lifetime mistakes, I think you laying out it out for him as you did went a long long way in making sure he never forgets how lucky he was today.

It was a nervous day for us, having never ever been in criminal court, but when you walked thru the door I had this great feeling of “thank goodness” run through me; in that, “there’s our attorney”, meant so much, you just have no idea how good that felt to know a pro was there to help us!!!!

I’m just so glad to have found you, your services, your confident approach, you were just terrific!


I have worked with Ms. White for over 10 years and she is a cut above the rest. She actually cares about her clients.

I’m a private investigator and I work with a lot of attorneys in California so I think I’m a good judge of character when it comes to criminal defense attorneys….

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…It is sad, but true, that many attorneys are either incompetent, unreliable, inexperienced, don’t care about their clients, don’t care about doing a good job, or all of the above. I can’t tell you how many shoddy attorneys there are out there – it’s all about the money and rarely about the client. No wonder there are so many bad jokes about lawyers.

As for Ms.White, I have worked with her for over 10 years and she is a cut above the rest. She actually cares about her clients. She is difficult to work for because she is so demanding on me (including calling me after hours for a job that needs to be done “right now”), but on the flip side, I understand and appreciate that she is a fighter for her clients, plus she wins her cases (not just settles them, but actually gets dismissals and not guilty verdicts). She prepares every case like she is going to go to trial and she gets amazing deals for her clients. I have seen her many times in the courtroom and in trial. She is as sweet as can be and then she is a pit bull! She doesn’t put up with any crap but she is still respected by the other lawyers. I’m sure it helps that she is honest, sincere, and intelligent. Anyway, if you need a criminal attorney, you will be lucky to have Ms. White in your corner

L.S. - Coastline Detectives, Private Investigator in Los Angeles

Attorney Debra S. White is among the finest lawyers in the State of California.

She is highly skilled, extremely honest, and as hard-working as any attorney I have met. As a member of the legal community in California for over 25 years, I have never had more confidence in any attorney that I do in Debra White, and for that reason I refer all criminal matters to her. Ms. White has not only earned the respect of her peers, but is highly respected and very well thought of among Judges and Prosecutors in State and Federal Courts. I highly recommend Ms. White. She is a true professional.

Jeffrey A. Slott

Debra S. White is a real fighter with a very compelling life story.

She has the both the impressive academic credentials and breadth of experience to make her an excellent choice to defend you.

William Makler

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